What is CSP Package and CSP LED Chip?

What is CSP Package and CSP LED Chip?

Posted on 09.12.2016

With the development of LED lighting and customer requirements, LED chip continue to improve and innovate. While people have higher requirement on led chip size and performance, CSP chip some in appropriate time and match the requirement. CSP package has several new advantages, no substrate, free solder wire, small size and high optical density.

-          CSP = Chip Scale Package

-          Definition:

         Traditionally a CSP LED is defined as a LED package with a size equivalent to a LED chip, or no larger than 20%. The package product also has comprehensive component features.

What is the difference on CSP package?

While we manufacture SMD, led chips will be placed on holder and connected to PCB board by alloy wire. LED chip get power from PCB board and light up, current go through the alloy wire. During use, the alloy wire will be consumed, high surge current or too much heat will result in alloy wire burned. That is the reason why led bulb broken. CSP chip can be directly applied to the PCB board, effectively shortening the heat flow path to the substrate, reducing the thermal resistance of the light source. Under same current, CSP chip has higher intensity and lower current consumed compared to SMD Chip. Besides, CSP package don’t need holder and alloy wire, that means we can reduce two production processes, which reducing the probability of making defective products, the broken risk during use is also reduced.


Compared to traditional 2835 SMD, or the popular flip 2835 SMD now, CSP chip is small size but high intensity volume per unit with less heat value, it is ideal for application in automotive led light. Now automotive led light manufacturers use CSP chip to simulate the length of the tungsten filament in halogen bulb, created a wonderful light beam like halogen bulbs. This technology is popular to used on developing automotive led headlight bulbs.

All in all, we can summarize the advantages of CSP chips,

-          Better heat dissipation

-          Higher lumen under same current compared to SMD

-          No holder and alloy wire, less production processes, more reliable

-          High package density

-          More flexible

(From Philips Lumileds report)