This G7 PHILIPS LED Headlight is Fake

This G7 PHILIPS LED Headlight is Fake

Posted on 13.09.2016

Dear Our Esteem Clients,

       Recently we found that there is a counterfeit G7 PHILIPS LED headlight sold in the market. Whatever on appearance or packaging, they just totally copy our G7 LED headlight without any creation. We are angry and have requested our lawyer to suit this company. In order to avoid the situation that our esteem clients buy the fake products and cause any loss. We write this article to teach you how to identify true G7 led headlight and fake one.

There are many detail difference between these two headlight bulbs:

(1)     Different Gloss

(2)     ACL mark

(3)     Craft and Detail

(4)     Cutting Curvature

(5)     Surface Craft

(6)     Thickness of Chuck

(7)     Solid metal and hollow metal on connector

(8)     Width of the hanger

(9)     Counterfeit one has gap on the driver

(10)  LEDO G7 has scale mark

(11)  Counterfeit one has obviously cut burr

(12)  G7 Ledo use high hardness plug same to PHILIPS X-treme Ultinon led headlight

(13)  Different plug shape

The craft details and electric component decide the quality of led headlight. From the comparison above, we can see the difference between these two headlight bulbs. On the next

article, we will share with you the difference on the electric component. Let you know how they save the cost on electric component to reach a lower price.