G7 LED Headlight VS G8 LED Headlight

G7 LED Headlight VS G8 LED Headlight

Posted on 20.05.2016
G7 LED Headlight VS G8 LED Headlight

G7 LUXEON ZES LED Headlight was presented at the end of 2015. So far today, it get great comment on the market and also hot selling now in USA, Canada, Australia and Italy. 

We mainly recommend G7 to you because it is convenient on installation, plug and play, shown a clear cutting line without projector, which is totally complied to road safety rule. 

G8 LED Headlights, we presented it in the beginning of 2016. LED chips, and also one of the brightest led headlights on the market, 6000 lumen is brighter than the COB headlights.

So our customers sometimes will ask a question, which one is better. We can't tell because we are the manufacturer, we make both of them and in our opinion, they have their own beauty.

Today one of our esteem customer show us his testing result about G7 and G8, clearly shows their difference.

Pelase kindly see the picture above. 

The first picture is the lighting from 7 th Gen. LUXEON ZES led headlight shows a clear cutting line on low beam pattern.

The second picture is the lighting from 8th Gen led headlight shows a brighter lighting but not every good on low beam pattern. 

That is the difference between these two led  headlights

But honestly said, for the cars which have already installed the HID Xenon Headlights before, you can replace the LED into HID directly, the lighting will be good also because of the projector lens.

Finally choose which one, I think after my introduction, you have your decision in mind.