Body Dynamic F1 Intelligent Flexible Metal Plate LED Headlights Bulb

Body dynamic F1 intelligent LED headlights is announced on July. 2017. It has the features as below:

(1) Heat dissipation is difficult problem for auto light, the 4 layer high thermal conduction aircraft aluminum on F1 is to solve the problem. The hole spread on the wing is helpful to expand the convection of hot and cool air achieving high heat density conduction and heat dissipation;

(2) The flexible wing solve the problem limited space for installation. they are 0.5mm thick aircraft aluminum and is 360 degree adjustable. You make the wing shape match the lamp space

(3) 4800 Lumen output with very low lighting decay. When solving the temperature problem, working current being stable, lighting out put being stable too.

(4) Spot light beam. At the past, we can see many reviews on led headlights commented scatted lighting, which means light beam is wide but no focus. But in this year, as the automotive LEDs technology are being mature, especially from Lumisled, Cree, Korean Seoul, we are allowed to make the slimer circuit board between two-side-LEDs on bulb body, simulated the filament in halogen bulbs. As we know, the filament is 360 degree glow without lighting dead angle, that means when LED headlight has slimer circuit board between two-side-LEDs, the lighting dead angle is being less, the light beam is being closer to halogen bulbs. Now F1 has better spot light beam compared to last year product.



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