2017 LedoAuto Customized LED Backup Reverse Light Bulbs 1000 Lumen Error Free

1000 Lumen lighting in pure white, what does that means. A new Philips X-Treme halogen headlight bulbs has nearly 1200 lumen only. This LED reverse light almost reaches the brightness of halogen headlight bulb. What is more, it has 1.2A working current = 15 Watt working power. Original stock reverse bulb is nearly 7-12 Watt. This LED bulb won’t cause error on OBC. Plug and play, very convenient on installation.

Mark: This bulb is developed for backup reverse light only.

Available base: T15, 1156, 7440

Product link: http://www.ledoauto.com/New-1000-Lumen-Super-Bright-LED-Reverse-Light

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