2014 Nissan Verso retrofit G7 Philips LED Headlights

Nissan Verso is a popular car in China market. You can find this car no matter in city or village. China has huge population. In cities, road is spacious but still crowded, compact sedan like Nissan Verso get advantage of running on crowded road and competing for parking space with city SUV. In village, road is not spacious, only 4 lanes or two lanes, and very narrow. Compact sedan can run much more comfortably on this narrow road.

I like and have a Nissan Verso too, on Chinese New Year festival holiday, I’d like to replace a new LED headlight to my car as I has been running this car for 2 years and its high beam headlight has been too dimmed at night. I am ready to offer him a pair of brighter eyes.

G7 Philips led headlight kit is our best-selling products in 2016. Whether on workmanship or light beam , it is very excellent and still haven’t been exceeded by other led headlights. I decide to install G7 Philips led headlight bulbs on my Verso.

Here I’d like to share with you how to replace headlight bulbs on 2014 Nissan Verso.

This is our protagonist today, G7 Philips LED Headlight Bulbs.

In order to replace headlight bulbs, we need to take down the front plastic cover.

Here is the high beam headlight bulb, take it out and install the new led headlight bulbs.

Finish. Test new light beam.

Lighting is not bright obviously at daytime.

Test again at dusk, that is really awesome, around 1.5 time brighter than original halogen bulbs.

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