2017 G7S 5000 Real Lumen LED Headlight Bulbs

– New light beam pattrn design with clear cut off line, real 5000 Lumen

– This headlight has good spotlight and long distance of radiation, safe driving on highway

– Luxeon Zes LED chip, 1.6mm*2.0mm high power chip, developed for automotive headlights, which allow us to simulated the length of tungsten of halogen bulb, lighted like halogen bulb,  fitted to original headlight housing.

– New heat sink deign, Smaller but better heat dissipation

– Special design on chunk, best solution on installation

– Three types of film color, gold, pure white, blue while are available to change as you want.

Please click the link to find G7S LED Headlight Bulbs on ledoauto.com

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