Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to LEDO F.A.Q.

What's your warranty policy?

All our products have a 2 year warranty, during the warranty period,  we offer replacement service to you for broken bulbs.

- ≤1% defect issue, we will comprehend situation while receiving your compalint with pictures, and apply replacement for you. 

- >1% defect issue, we will comprehend situation while receiving your compalint with pictures, analyse and apply replacement for you. at the same time, we are tracking back order record, component record, completing simulation test and finally reforming production line.

- >3% defect issue, this is serious accident if happened on our company. We have to recall the products back and analyse this issue. The survey result will be reported to you while we finished simulation testing and new batch of goods will be delivered to you at the same time.

Do you products have E-mark, CE from Europe, RoHS certificate?

Yes, all of our products have been tested and passed the CE from Europe and RoHS. Our BMW Angel Eyes have E-mark type certificate and G7 LED headlight is applying to ECE type certificate.

Where do you purchase the led bead chip and component?

Our main LED chip suppliers are: CREE, OSRAM, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, EPISTAR, and Chimei. We integrated the chips, operating voltage, current, ambient temperature and thermal diffusivity under X-Tech. In actual use, it is an eye-can-tell brighter light than standard LED. X-Tech tech is not a trick of increasing operating current to get high lumen. The light operates under a normal current for a long time performance. with <3% light decay in 1000 hours steady work, light always looks fresh.

What payment term are available?

You can pay by T/T, L/C, Paypal, or Western Union. Generally, if the amount is less than US$1500, we can accept paypal. If it is more than US$1500, we suggest to use the other payment term as paypal will charge 5%  transaction fee.

Could you quote to me FOB prices?

Yes, the FOB prices are based on our MOQ. The accurate prices will be quoted to you while you inform us your quantity. If shippment by sea, the quantity must reach our MOQ.

Can I customized my packing, I means OEM packing?

Yes, we are very glad if you want to do your OEM packing. Please just inquire to our business developer for details. 

What is your leading time?

Normally the leading time will be 7-15 days. But on peak season, the leading time will be 15-21 dyas. For customer with regular orders, we can arrange materials for you before your place orders, then the leading time will be normal on peak season.

Can I visit your factory or do inspection to your factory?

Yes, of course, we sincerely wish you can come and have a visit. LEDO owned three factories in Guangdong Province. First Factories was opened in Dongguan and mainly manufacturing LED bulbs for domestic market at the beginning.

in 2008, the performance and technology for LED white light has been growing up. Meanwhile, the cost is also coming down obviously as the capacity of LED production has been releasing because of the solution for LED epitaxial patent problems in Taiwan and Mainland area in China. Accordingly, special human and material resources have been devoted by LEDO to the research and practice for auto LED application area. At the same time. The second factory was opened in Baiyun District, Guangzhou Province, aiming at high-end market and high quality products. 

In 2010, LEDO cooperated to another leading LED R&D company in Mainland China and invested another project together, automotive LED headlight. We apply to an industrial area in Zhongshan City. The third  factory was opened and aiming at advanced automotive LED headlight development.

LEDO welcome your visit and we sincerely want to share our story and experience to you.

Common Part # and Cross Reference #'s

Common Part #
Cross Reference #'s
1016 1034 1076 1130 1154 1158 1493 2057 2357 2397 7528
11561073 1093 1129 1141 1159 1295 1459 1619 1651 1680 7506 7527

74437443 7440
7440992A *7443 bulbs will work in all 7440 applications
194147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 259 280 285 447 464 555 558 585 655 656 657 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2921 2825

3057 3155 3357 3457 4157

Use Special 3157-SRCK bulbs to replace the tail lights on 04-07 Dodge Ram trucks, center tail tamp bulbs on 88-99 (Old Body Style) Chevy, GMC full size trucks & SUVs (Use the Regular 3157 bulb for the top tail lamp bulbs), 95-01 Cavalier and Sunfire,& 92-98 Grand Am tail lamp bulbs .

Use 3157-SACK bulbs for front turn signals on the Toyota Tundra. 

If you install regular LED bulbs and keep blowing fuses you probably need these bulbs.

31563456 4156 *3157 bulbs will work in all 3156 applications.
571895 53 57 182 257 363 1445 6253
7417 18 37 70 73 79 85 86 2721
906 579 901 904 908 909 912 914 915 916 917 918 920 921 922 923 926 927 928 939
211212 212-2 214-2 6413 6429
64183423 3425 6411 6423 6461
31753021 3022 6428 6430