Product Detail - H7 14K Gold Samsung 3623 SMD LED Auto Fog Light

H7 14K Gold Samsung 3623 SMD LED Auto Fog Light

  • Brand: Ledo
  • Product Code: BH7T2008S3601-CCN
  • Availability: In Stock

Item Number:   BH7T2008S3601-CCN

Base Type:    H7

LED Chips:    8*3623SMD

Color Available:  White

Voltage:    12-16.5V

Electric current:   680±20mA

Warranty:   2 years

Non-Polarity:   Yes

Constant- Current:   Yes

CAN-BUS:   Yes

Packing:   Anti-bag, Blister, OEM


-Imported Samsung original 3623SMD,  high performance and stable.

-Unique Design,  ENIG tech make better  coating effect and current conductive

-High Power and Super CANBus 

-Super Bright, Brighter than old type Samsung 5630 led chip

14K Gold is not a selling point only, also not just for ID and appearance.  The 2.5mm thick PCB with 1U immersion gold layer is a key to reduce defect rate. The ENIG Tech (Electroless Nicker / Immersion Gold) is an ungraded PCB processing mostly applied to high-precision product as such keyboard. When this tech is applied on automotive LED bulb, you can image that performance and quality.


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