Quality Custom LED Truck Lights Wholesale

As the expert in LED headlights, LedoAuto always meets the quality standards. We rigorously test quality without any compromises and optimum light output levels, even in the harshest weather conditions. This ensures that our long-lasting, robust products not only prevent annoying and costly standstill time but are also significantly brighter for your own safety on the road.

Good visibility is the most important criterion for road safety. We carry the most complete LED replacement bulbs for any cars, SUVs or trucks and wide selections of LED lighting accessories such as LED headlight lights, LED daytime running lights, LED turn signal lights and LED fog lights, etc.

In this month, we present a brand new led headlight to the market named V6 LED headlight. This is the led headlight kit customized for truck with the advantages below:

  • Allow 6V – 36V working voltage.

Most of led headlight on the market now are designed with 24V working voltage and 28V – 30V surge voltage protection. What is surge voltage protection? That is a sudden and momentary increase in voltage. If protective measures are not employed, such a surge may bring about a failure or make the bulb burnt in the headlight housing, damaging the housing and you have to replace whole headlamp just because a defect of headlight bulbs, that is quite big damage. When surge voltage protection is designed to be 36V. We could definitely avoid this kind of problem happen. A continued stability automotive lighting will keep your safety for long distance driving.


  • V6 is researched and developed with waterproof & shockproof level bulb body. That makes it one of the safest and most durable products on the market today.


  • Automotive led headlight mate CANBus cable.

According to the electronic detection process of automotive onboard computer, we custom made a canbus cable for our led headlight kit. This canbus cable combines the function of a resistor with a decoder, solving the problems of CANBus error on OBC board or flicker while installing led headlight bulb, and keeping itself a reasonable working temperature (below 100℃). It’s approved to work perfectly on Volvo Scania truck with our led headlights. No CANBus problem and quite safe.

We Are Specialized In LED Truck Lights !

–  A Perfect Light Pattern: Crafted around the powerful LED to provide the only LED headlight with the CORRECT beam patterns. No dark spots, no short beams, no scattered beams.

–  True 6500K Cool White Lighting clear daytime white lighting. Instant-On, capability with zero warm-up time

–  Only Lumileds Luxeon ZES LEDs used.

–  Advanced LED board design syncs, double-sided PCB board with tiny board width only to simulate the filament in halogen bulbs – creating a closely matched beam style.


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