How to Choose Red LED Brake Light and Rear Fog Light?

On my previous post, we have found the replacement product too expensive amber LED. Same reason, red led is double prices to white led, leading led companies don’t supply red led chip too. So here we are going to find the solution for red LED.

Red light is commonly used for brake light, running light and rear fog light. Now, a part of vehicles in America also use red light for turn signal light.

Most of OEM red light on cars is made by standard halogen bulb and red cover, while a small part of OEM red light is made by a transparent cover and red halogen bulb.

Then we do experiments on red cover, to find a replacement LED. These are the OEM turn signal light cover we used to test.

(1) 3000K LED Bulb VS Standard Halogen Bulb in a red cover.

3000K light looks yellowish. When measured halogen bulb in lumen instrument, the wavelength is 3000K.

(2) Red LED VS Standard Halogen Bulb

Conclusion: 3000K LED bulb could replace red led to being used in red cover for turn signal light with the same color to red led and standard halogen bulb.  But if your car is a transparent cover for brake light or rear fog light, you will still need to use red led or red halogen bulb for replacement.



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  1. Albert says:

    Good, it’s bright ! But it should be better to know how it works at distance in a foggy environment, because projection/reflection is different in each case. So you’ll have a real idea , between products.
    Thanks a lot.

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