Beware of Fake Luxeon ZES LED Headlight – Big potential danger to your car

Lumileds Luxeon ZES (once belonged to Philips) is a high power 1.6mm * 2.0mm LED that enables never before seen color consistency, luminance, flux density and design flexible for lighting solution, Because of its simple inner structure (No alloy wire between chip and holder) and special package process (Chip Scale Package), this led has lower defective rate than all other SMD. Beside, ZES LED has small size but high luminance,which allow us to make special led array on headlight bulbs to mimic the filament in halogen bulbs – creating a closely matched beam style. In the past one year, ZES LED is the first choice for new developed LED headlight bulbs.

But fake product surely will come if there is huge market demand. Recently, we have found there is fake Luxeon ZES LED made by unknown brand in China. This fake LED is completely copied Luxeon ZES LED with same shape and similar appearance. Some Chinese LED headlight manufacturer s have began to use this fake LED to replace Lumileds ZES on their headlight bulbs but still named Lumileds Luxeon ZES LED headlight bulbs. We should be aware of this behavior.

Although fake ZES LED looks like the real one, we still can notice two differences between them.

  • Different on this place with red mark in picture , that is the resistor on LED, the resistor on Lumileds ZES LED is wider than fake LED. As their sizes are obviously different, it is easy to distinguish between them in this way.

  • Different color, if two LEDS have same color temperature, for example, 6500K,  real Lumileds ZES LED has deeper yellow surface than fake one.

There is big difference in price between these two LED. The price of one piece of real ZES LED could be the total amount of dozen piece of fake ZES LEDS.  That is why now led headlight kit with Lumileds ZES could be cheaper and cheaper. Same H4 headlight bulb to ours with 16 pieces of ZES LEDS, Some companies could sell it with 16USD per set, or even cheaper. But this kind of fake led headlight has real high potential danger.

  • Real ZES LED is expensive, most of manufacturers will make them on led headlight bulbs with high quality electronic component and IC driver to make sure that this led headlight bulbs won’t be high defective during the warranty period. If LED headlights are broken quickly, ZES LEDS will be wasted and unrecyclable, manufacturer should compensate buyer with a new kit and will lose lots of money.
  • On the contrary, fake ZES LED is not valuable, manufacturer could make them with terrible quality electronic component, or even recyclable capacitors and IC driver. If do in this way, they can get high profit on each kit. Although each kit is broken during the warranty period, they can ship client a new kit for compensation but still have enough profit on this order. But for the clients, they get hurt so much, lose the brand reputation and hard to get back.

So please inspect carefully on your ZES led headlight bulbs, don’t be cheated because of low price. Thing is always cheap for a reason.

Finally, Enclosed Chinese Range Rover X7 only for entertainment. 18.7K-21.3K USD only.

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4 Responses

  1. Al says:

    Hi, so some sellers are misleading the buyers with this info?

    Example from Aliexpress, bulbs are not the one most cheap:

    Pictures of claiming, that this are just changed design from ZES:


  2. DDSG says:

    So what is this high potential danger that you keep mentioning? That an LED will burn out? Big deal, that’s not dangerous lol

  3. novsight says:

    led headlight is best for your car

  1. 2017-10-21

    […] Waar je wel voor moet opletten is dat je wel de echte Lumileds krijgt, sommige verkopers bieden soms net even iets goedkopere Lumileds aan. Die geven dan minder opbrengst, soms een net wat afwijkende kleur of andere problemen. Ook worden soms versies met een CSP led aangeboden als Lumileds. De echte Lumileds zijn ZES leds en te herkennen aan: Zie: (klik) […]

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