Product Detail - Seoul CSP 9LED T15 High Power 1000 Lumen Super Bright LED Reverse Light

Seoul CSP 9LED T15 High Power 1000 Lumen Super Bright LED Reverse Light

  • Brand: Ledo
  • Product Code: BW1T15SELS0901-CCN
  • Availability: In Stock

Item Number:   BW1T15SELS0901-CCN

Base Type:    T15

LED Chips:    9PCS - Seoul CSP LED 

Color Available:   Only White Temporary

Voltage:    9-18V

Electric current:  1200±10mA

Warranty:   18 months

Non-Polarity:   Yes

Constant- Current:   Yes

CAN-BUS:   1.2A super CANBus on reverse light, don't need wire resistor and won't have error on OBC 

Packing:   Anti-bag, Blister, OEM

Products Feature:

Here we are introducing you the strongest LED reverse light on the market. This one has different size which is bigger than the normal T15 led bulb. So on installation, it would be special. We gotta stuck it on the reverse light hole and chuck it by the rubber on the bulb. So in some vehicle, tail light has too limited space for reverse light, this led bulb won't gonna work. But like Dodge Ram, Ford F-150 or GMC pickup, this led bulb will absolutely impress you. 

1000 Lumen lighting in pure white, what does that means. A new Philips X-Treme halogen headlight bulbs has nearly 1200 lumen only. This LED reverse light almost reaches the brightness of halogen headlight bulb.  What is more, it has 1.2A working current =  15 Watt working power. Original stock reverse bulb is nearly 7-12 Watt. This LED bulb won't cause error on OBC. Plug and play, very convenient on installation. 

Mark: This bulb is developed for backup reverse light only.

Available base: T15, 1156, 7440 


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